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February is the month of:

V-DAY featuring
local performances of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues
throughout the month

Read Martin Luther King's acceptance speech upon receiving the first Margaret Sanger Award, along with President Lyndon Johnson and 2 other pioneers.

VALENTINE'S DAY (of course!) and the first day of Condom Week
look for events at your local college campus thrown by our VOX groups
-- Remember, if your partner says no, you say no --


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Recent Event Spotlight:
Jan. 22 Roe Anniversary / Vera Drake film screening
Over 250 guests attended PPLA's Roe Anniversary screening of the film "Vera Drake."  Special guest speakers included Christine Lahti, Rev. Ignacio Castuera, Dr. David Caillouette (a pre and post-Roe abortion provider) and a surprise appearance by Rep. Maxine Waters.

 emergency contr If you've had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours, emergency contraception - EC - is a safe, effective way to prevent unintended pregnancy.


 IN THE NEWS ::::::::::::


FY 2006 Budget Devotes $206 Million to Misinforming Youth
President Bush Risks Teen Lives by Increasing Funding For Dangerous Abstinence-Only Education

Hillary Rodham Clinton defines a promising path
NY Times Editorial: Senator Clinton's Values Lesson

Abstinence and Accuracy
The Bush administration has aggressively promoted abstinence-only sex education by increasing funding for it. In the current fiscal year, Washington is spending $167 million for abstinence-only programs, or twice the federal funding in 2001.

Abstinence-Only: Breeding Ignorance
L.A. Times Op-ed by PPLA President/CEO, Mary-Jane Waglé--Report finds that more than 80% of abstinence-only curricula contain false, misleading or distorted information about reproductive health.

   EDUCATION ::::::::::::::


Parents, need help talking to your kids about sex?  Click here.

Check out our sexuality education programs in local schools which reach more than 40,000 kids a year with comprensive, balanced information.

Find out about our training series for teachers, counselors, case managers, community organizations, nurses and health and human service preofessionals who work with young people and parents.

Our resource library provides a wide range of educational tools and information on sexuality education to individuals, parents, students, schools and community groups in Los Angeles County.

Two of PPLA's growing youth outreach programs, Circulo de Salud and Ujima Project (UP), are helping young people learn to make responsible choices.  Check them out!

Our Promotoras Comunitarias have reached more than 75,000 people with training that covers not just reproductive health, but topics such as family communication, child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy prevention and domestic violence.


  Food Fare 2005 - click for info
Ticket information available here.

See what's NEW in South L.A., the Dorothy Hecht Health Center and Ujima Teen Center.

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There are many ways to give to PPLA.  And by donating you can help improve our community by helping save lives and preventing unintended pregnancies.  Your support will help us:
  • Provide birth control in areas where rates of teen pregnancy are highest

  • Bring responsible sex education to neighborhood schools

  • Provide life-saving cancer detection screenings

  • Ensure the right of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive lives